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Our baristas handcraft your bubble teas using high-quality tea and fresh ingredients, it will bring on you a burst of flavors


our special brown sugar beverages

brown sugar milk tea
brown sugar pearl with fresh milk and cream cheese

milk tea

freshly brewed tea with milk added recommendation 50% sugar, 50% ice

taro milk tea
thai milk tea
chocolate milk tea
bubble avenue milk tea
assam milk tea
jasmine milk tea
matcha milk tea
oolong milk tea
peach milk tea
roasted milk tea

fruit tea

fabulously tasty infusion of fruit flavors in freshly brewed black or green tea

peach lemongrass with orange
cinnamon tea with orange
mango tea
kumquat lemon tea
peach tea
passionfruit tea


brewed tea layer topped with creamy macchiato

matcha macchiato
jasmine tea macchiato
black tea macchiato
chocolate macchiato


milk layer on the bottom topped with our freshly brewed tea

matcha latte
roasted latte
chocolate and strawberry latte with rose
black tea latte
jasmine tea latte
rose latte
oolong latte

ice blender

crushed ice with our sweet, fruit flavoured syrup

mango frappe
lychee slush
passionfruit slush
raspberry frappe slush


ice cold water with fruit syrups

watermelon cooler


brown sugar pearls
popping pearls
strawberry, mango, lychee

grass jelly, coconut jelly, strawberry
jelly, mango jelly, lychee mango,
secret jelly




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+44 7555 396354

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